Q24 Specialist Small Hatch Attic Stair – Sellwood

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A special small entry quad folding attic stair for ceilings with limited space for a ceiling hatch.

This unit only needs an opening of 835 mm x 650mm. This makes it ideal for those installations in tight areas of the home or where furniture may block stair access.

Ideal for modern ‘Truss’ framed houses where a stair is best installed between the roof ‘trusses’

For ceilings up to 2.44m.

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This small hatch attic stair from Sellwood features a small entry ceiling hatch for ceilings with restricted areas for a ceiling hatch.

Developed for use in restricted areas –  850mm long (Q24)

The Sellwood Quad 24 (Q24) attic stair is a four-part, folding stair that requires an opening in the ceiling of only 835mm by 650mm. Assisted by a custom designed ladder hinge that allows the bottom section to fold in underneath the third section, the Q24 can reach a stud height of 2440mm while fitting between trusses in the hallway



Model Q24
Ceiling Heights 2300mm – 2440mm
Tread Depth 80mm
Width of Stair 430mm
Max Load 180kg
Angle 70°
Opening Required 835mm x 650mm
Projection 1300mm
Landing Space 1050mm
Uses Residential