R36 Regular Sellwood Attic Stair 3.6m


NZ-made, simple and sturdy attic stair for ceilings up to 3.6m high.

Comes unpainted with a handrail for easy access.

The ceiling opening is 650mm x 1370mm, and the max loading is 200kg.

This stair is often best suited to older taller ceilings common in old villas.

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The Sellwood Attic Stair – Regular 36 (R36) is designed for ceiling heights up to 3660mm, common in homes built between the 1880s and 1920s. These homes often have little storage space at ground level, but vast areas available above the ceiling, areas made even more convenient by high-pitched roofs.

Given the height that the stair must ascend to, Sellwood incorporated a number of unique design features into the R36 including a cam-shaped upper stay and a second stage spring system to take the weight of the bottom two sections of the stair as they are being unfolded and folded back up again, making for easier operation.

This stair is rated for 200kg loading.


Model R36
Ceiling Heights 3100mm – 3660mm
Tread Depth 90mm
Width of Stair 430mm
Max Load 200kg
Angle 70°
Opening Required 1440mm x 650mm
Projection 2100mm
Landing Space 1450mm
Uses Residential