Wooden Attic Stair – 2.7 metre


Looking for a basic Attic Stair with premium features without the high cost?

This wooden stair offers some pretty good features for an entry-level price. The stair is for ceiling up to 2.7m in height (extender kit available for ceilings up to 3.3m in height).

  • Insulated hatch
  • Draft seal
  • Heavy duty hinge
  • Base coat white
  • Grab rail
  • Rubber feet to protect flooring

We can supply this stair directly to your door ready to install.

In stock (can be backordered)

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De-clutter your home and make use of unused attic space by installing a simple 2.7m attic stair.

Safe and easy to use, this stair will provide sturdy access to the hidden area of your home. Attic storage will add value and provide a dry, safe and secure place for your sports gear and treasures.

The  Wooden Attic stair is a base quality folding 3 section attic stair. It is equipped with an aesthetically finished insulated hatch in base coat white. The stair can service ceilings up to 2.7m in height (or you can add an extender kit for ceilings up to 3.3m in height)

The hatch is insulated and has a draft seal to slow heat loss. The feet are rubber to help you protect any wooden floors that the stair folds down onto.

The handrail is a very useful feature that allows 3 points of contact when taking boxes up or down from the attic.


You can order a ready to install unit to your door.

Attic Stair Features

Hatch Finish

Stile Ends



wooden 2.7m


 Base coat white


Stile ends protect the
floor surface from scratches.

Grooves on the tread surface
protect the user from
accidental slipping.


Attic Stair technical specifications

  • Ceiling maximum height: 2.7m (extender available to 3.3m)
  • Suitable for domestic use.
  • Heat transmission coefficient: U = 1.1 W/m2K
  • Insulation thickness: 3cm
  • Hatch thickness: 3.6cm
  • Ceiling opening box size: 1220x600mm
  • Base coat white
  • Grab rail


Additional information

Deluxe sizing

LWK 2800 (2.8m ceiling), LWK 3250 (3.25m ceiling)