How to install Attic Island Stilts

Step 1

Remove the top layer of insulation by rolling back any blanket insulation or carefully removing any batts and placing them to one site. Only the top layer needs to be removed to expose the tops of the ceiling joists.

Step 2

Install the Attic Island grippers to the joists and space no wider than 600mm for maximum strength. Once you’re happy with the placement of the grippers, screw them in place using a drill or electric screwdriver. We often use 45mm self-tapping wood screws.

Step 3

Screw on the main Attic Island shafts to the gripper bases (cut each shaft to size beforehand if you wish to reduce the height of the Attic Island. There are cut lines to help you do this with any saw).

Step 4

Reinstall the top layer of insulation:

For batts (biscuit insulation), fit them between the stilts.

For blanket insulation (polyester), roll the insulation over the Attic Islands. feel where they are with your hands and cut a small slit in the insulation to allow them to pop through with a snug fit.

Step 5

Install the top plates of the Attic Islands (they simply slot onto the shafts)

Step 6

Install the flooring boards and screw the boards onto the top plates of the Attic Islands. You will notice the whole structure locks into place and becomes stronger when the final boards are fixed in place.