Attic Stilt Features

After years of working in the energy efficiency industry, the founders of Attic Island solved a common problem faced by many; We want an insulated ceiling but I don’t want to lose my storage space.

Attic Island stilts create a raised attic boarding platform so you can have secure loft storage. We’ll help you make walkways and storage islands of any shape to hold your treasures above the thicker modern ceiling insulation being installed today.

Our professional installers can create any sized space, at a fraction of the cost of raising your joists or converting your loft.

If you place storage on top of modern insulation you greatly reduce the insulation’s efficiency.

Attic Island Storage Stilts™ have been designed specifically to allow homeowners to benefit from thick high performance ceiling insulation of up to 300mm (R 4.0), without compromising precious loft storage space.

Using Attic Island Ceiling Stilts, you easily create a raised platform for attic storage that sits above the insulation without compressing it, maintaining the performance of the insulation.

If you are unsure about ceiling insulation and want to know what is best for your home, visit the EECA Energywise website

Create any shape or size of Attic Island. The kits are modular so you can continue to expand your storage area as required.

We are confident that if you can get into, and stand up in your loft you, will be able to install an Attic Island system.

We offer a range of DIY attic storage kits, pull down insulated attic stairs and flooring delivered to your door.

Before purchasing a kit its important to consider the following things:

  • Do I have access to pass boards into the attic? A 500mm opening is often needed to pass boards into the roof, however if you are also installing attic stairs its not a problem as we can cut the opening.
  • Is there enough height in the attic? A 1m height minimum is advised so you can stack boxes easily.
  • What size storage island do I need? It’s a good idea to measure the area in the attic to decide what kit will best suit your needs. Often a 9 board or 12 board Attic island is a great way to start.

Each stilt can support a weight of more than 850kg, which is stronger than the joists in your attic.

Along with structural engineers, we recommend a load of no more than 50kg stored per m² of boarded area in a loft just to play it safe, but they are safe to walk on once fixed and in reality are very safe and strong. We also advise any flooring or boards being used in conjunction with our Attic Island stilts be no thinner than 18mm to ensure durability.

The attic islands decks can be walked on and can support boxes of heavy books or treasures. We advise a minimum of 18mm boards to kee

To make it even easier to access you attic storage, we also sell European made, pre painted pull-down attic stairs with an insulated hatch.

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