Create more usable storage
Unlock the hidden space in your attic
DIY Kits or Install service
Do-it-yourself kits available, or contact us to organise attic stair installation
Attic stairs
We also stock European made pull-down Attic stairs with integrated insulation
Strong & Durable
Our attic stilts can support up to 850kg - making them ideal for walking on and storage
Protect insulation
Guard against heat loss by preventing damage and compression to your insulation
Modular kits
Create any shape or size island to expand your storage needs

Create more storage space today!

Attic stairs and storage solutions for your home.

Open up your roof-space and create more storage in your home today.

Attic Island is here to help you get the most from your house by installing quality pull down attic stairs and raised attic flooring to help you de-clutter and save on storage costs.

Our range of attic stairs are designed for all needs. We offer fully installed wooden pull down attic stairs or sturdy steel attic ladders for safer access.

Our attic stairs come with insulated hatches and draft seal to keep you warm. They also come with hand rails and rubber feet to protect your floor.

If you’re looking for a simple way to add value to your home whilst finding a place for the camping gear and kids toys, look no further.

Have a browse on our online-shop or simply contact us for a free online quote.