12 pack of Storage Stilts

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12 Stilts will be enough to create an attic storage platform of around 2.16m2or larger depending on your joist spacing.


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Attic Island stilts provide a raised storage platform so you can have secure loft storage as well as protecting your thick ceiling insulation from compression. The stilts also do not conduct heat to the same level as timber, so they help to reduce ‘thermal bridging’ as they are less conductive. This all help you create a super warm energy efficient home.

12 Stilts will be enough to create a storage platform of around 2.16m2  or larger depending on your joist spacing.

Each stilt is made from high-density poly and can support up to 800kg each. They grip the ceiling joist and can be secured using self-tapping screws.

Note: This does not include the Ply or flooring that will be needed to complete this Attic Island. Appropriate ply or flooring can then be purchased from your local merchant which can be screwed to the top of the stilts to provide a sturdy raised platform for storage, or see our handy DIY packs which include ply and screws.

Don’t lose heat by damaging your ceiling insulation. Install Attic Islands Today!

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