Attic Island 6 Board storage Kit – 4.32m2

$299.00 inc. GST

The size of a car when constructed: This 6 board DIY Kit is ready to install, or have one of our local tradesperson install it for you. This kit provides an extra 4.32m2 space in your attic which provides an excellent platform to safely hold many stacked boxes with some space left over for walkway access.

You can stack many boxes on these Attic Islands without risking heat loss from the home below. Strong sturdy boards and storage stilts that reduce heat leakage from the home below.

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Sale on DIY kits until we re-stock! $299 delivered to your door (normally $378)

This simple and sturdy kit has everything you need to create more storage in your home, whilst protecting your home from heat loss caused by compressing valuable insulation.

Insulation should really be over 270mm to actually trap heat. This kit allows you to have up to 300mm of heat saving insulation whilst creating more space in the home.

The storage decks can be fitted next to the attic opening and can hold anything from suitcases to ski gear or those precious boxes or family memories.

Attic island storage decks are strong, safe, and can easily be walked on. They can be installed with the use of an electric screwdriver by almost any homeowner.

The kits are modular, so you can order more and extent the islands as you need to suit your storage demand.

The kit includes:

  • 6 x 18mm pre-cut OSB Fibre floor panels  1200mm x 600mm
  • Square drive self tapping 32mm screws
  • 24 x high density Attic Island Storage Stilts



A 6 board kit creates a 4.32m2 storage deck which offers a surprising surface areas for belongings that are easy to reach form the attic entrance.

The price includes free delivery to NZ addresses via courier. We can also arrange an installation service if required, get in touch with for more details.

Additional information

Install options

Do-it-yourself ($378), Installed ($639)

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