How to

Installation Video

Please view our installation video and instructions below

Step 1

Position the Attic Island stilts on the joists to ensure they are in the right place for your boards – The edges and corners of the boards should be supported with the stilts.

Tip – You can use fewer stilts with bigger the boards as there will be fewer edges.

Step 2

Using an electric screwdriver, secure the stilt to the joist by screwing o two or four 32mm screws into the ‘wing’ section of the stilt. The gripper can also snap up to allow installation on to double joists or flat surfaces.

Step 3

Lay the insulation between the Attic Island storage stilts – crossways over the existing joists and insulation. The circular plates should be poking out the top of the insulation.

Place the boards onto the stilts.Tip – 2, 3 or 4 boards can be secured to each Attic Stilt. We recommend 18mm ply or 20mm Strand floor for best strength.

Step 4

Using an electric screwdriver, secure the boards to the stilts by screwing 32mm self tapping screws through the boards and into the top plate of the stilt. Each stilt can support up to 850kg, however we advise around 50kg per m2 for best safetey.